Yes, it is true. We have released KYPO Cyber Range Platform as an open-source software!


KYPO Cyber Range Platform is a flexiblescalable, and sophisticated virtual environment. 

✔ we have been developing the platform since 2013

✔ the platform has already been used for teaching students and training cybersecurity professionals

✔ it is based on modern approaches such as containers, infrastructure as code, microservices, and open-source software


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At your university, you can develop practical training in cybersecurity that will provide students with invaluable experience.

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Prepare training for cybersecurity professionals which will help them to explore current threats and ways of preventing them.      

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You can be part of the community, improve training scenarios and make them reusable and available to everyone.


We have designed the KYPO cyber range as a cloud platform, which allows for achieving maximum flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Virtualization enables us to repeatedly create complex networks with full-fledged operating systems and network devices (so-called digital twins). A lot of development effort has been dedicated to facilitate user interactions within KYPO – that allows us to offer access through a web browser. The engine of our environment is based on cloud platform OpenStack.


We use widely available software components for building networks and virtual machines. You do not have to learn anything new, and a vast portion of the elements is transferable to cloud platforms.


Instructors can monitor progress of cybersecurity training in real time and after the session. This insight is invaluable for remote sessions where instructor is not in the same room as trainee.


We truly care about comfortable user experience. Thanks to a smartly designed user interface, you can fully focus on their work.


I. How has KYPO CRP been used in practice?

The platform has already been used for teaching students in several courses at the Masaryk University and also for training cybersecurity professionals.

The platform builds on several years of experience from using cyber ranges in education, training, and cyber defense exercises, including Czech technical cybersecurity exercises - the Cyber Czech, which were organized in cooperation with the Czech National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NCISA).


II. Why did we release KYPO CRP as an open-source?

We want to help solve the problem of many lacking cybersecurity experts by providing a functional platform for training, development, and execution.

We believe that KYPO Cyber Range Platform is a significant contribution to the cybersecurity community.  The open-source cyber range makes hands-on cybersecurity education widely available for universities and organizations in Europe and around the world.

As a part of CONCORDIA consortium, we perceive the release of an open-source cyber range as part of CONCORDIA strategy to build the European Trusted, Secure and Resilient Ecosystem for Digital Sovereignty of Europe.


III. What does it mean for Europe?

European Cybersecurity Strategy for Shaping Europe’s digital future states that we need more cybersecurity experts.

Cyber ranges are a suitable tool for education of future cybersecurity experts. Hands-on approach in cybersecurity education provides invaluable experience to learners and complements their theoretical background in cybersecurity topics.

Not all universities and organizations can afford to develop or purchase their own cyber range. In this context, the impact of the open-source cyber range can be significant for supporting cybersecurity education. Removing the high cost of most cyber range solutions enables the development of hands-on cybersecurity training, which can help close the skills gap that is getting wider every year

“We can only ensure digital security if we have experts with the right knowledge and skills, and there are currently not enough.”

European Cybersecurity Strategy for Shaping Europe’s digital future

IV. What does it mean for organizations?

Every organization can now use a cyber range for free. They can focus on developing trainings and delivering them to their audience. 

KYPO CRP is open source under the MIT license, which means that organizations can customize the cyber range or extend it for their needs. 

V. How to start?

To start working with KYPO Cyber Range Platform, you will need to meet hardware and software requirements.

Software requirements

  • Access to the OpenStack cloud platform

  • Optionally OpenID Connect provider

Hardware requirements 

If you don’t have access to the existing OpenStack platform, you will need to create an OpenStack deployment on the following hardware: 

  • Evaluation/testing – a desktop or virtual machine with 2 CPU cores, 16 GB RAM, 40 GB HDD

  • Production:

    • virtual machine with 2 CPU cores, 16 GB RAM, 100 GB HDD

    • single server with 16 CPU cores, 128 GB RAM, 2 TB HDD, at least two network interfaces 


We provide Ansible playbooks or step-by-step guides for deploying all of the required components. 

Video guides 

1. OpenStack Deployment

2. OpenStack Configuration

3. KYPO CRP Deployment and Configuration


VI. How to cite the KYPO CRP?

You can cite two research papers to reference the KYPO CRP.

  • The first one describes a technical innovation for scalable teaching of cybersecurity hands-on classes using interactive learning environments KYPO Cyber Range Platform and Cyber Sandbox Creator.


  • The second one summarizes our observations from organizing and carrying out cyber defense exercises at the KYPO cyber range platform.

Lessons Learned From Complex Hands-on Defence Exercises in a Cyber Range


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KYPO Cyber Range Platform won the 7th edition of the European Commission's Innovation Radar competition in the Disruptive Technologies category.

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