New releases of KYPO CRP significantly improve user experience and fix Log4Shell

  • A brand-new release 21.12 of the KYPO Cyber Range Platform brings redesigned sandbox topology! The platform is now prettier, and the interaction is simplified.
  • Users can take advantage of the copy-and-paste feature between the user host and sandbox machines and there is much more in the new release.
  • Version 21.12.1 fixes the recent CVE-2021-44228 Log4Shell vulnerability.

16 Dec 2021

What's new

Version 21.12


  • Redesigned of the sandbox topology for improved user experience.

See the example:

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  • Users can access machines in a sandbox using Apache Guacamole remote desktop that enables copy-and-paste feature between the user host and sandbox machines.
  • Improved management of the sandbox pools. Visible state of the sandbox stages, delete option for one or all failed sandbox instances (no need to cancel allocation first).


  • KYPO Cyber Range Platform (KYPO CRP) now supports Microsoft Azure OIDC identity provider, so KYPO CRP can be used in any organization that uses Microsoft services.


  • Experimental implementation of Automatic Problem Generation (APG) for cheating prevention. Instructors can define personalized answers for each training phase.


  • The transition graph is displayed right after the adaptive training run.
  • In linear training, the command analysis and view of trainees' behavior (executed commands) after the training session are provided for both trainee and instructor.
  • Most of the existing visualizations have been grouped to a dashboard.


  • New pages display details of main entities like training definition, training instance, pool, etc.

Version 21.12 on GitLab

Version 21.12.1 

Version 21.12.1 on GitLab

3 things to know about KYPO CRP

  1. KYPO CRP has been developed by Masaryk University since 2013. The platform represents several years of experience using cyber ranges in education, cyber defense exercises, and training.
  2. The CONCORDIA project released KYPO CRP as open-source in 2020. This activity aims to help solve the high amount of missing cybersecurity experts by providing a platform for training, development, and execution.
  3. Actual information about the KYPO Cyber Range Platform can be also found on our Twitter account.


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